oy vey

The last time I posted was a year ago.  So I’m a little bit older, a little bit stronger, and a little bit wiser… wait I think that’s a Christina Aguilera song.  Well I DO now have a Bachelors degree in Global Studies and International affairs so CHECK. ME. OUT.  

Post grad life is weird.  Ya feel me?  I have my own apartment, I buy my own food, and I own stocks.  Two of those three things are the truth.  

But I have a cool job saving the environment (I mean i don’t strap myself to trees but I tell people to drive electric vehicles so yeah I probably am going to heaven).

Anyways, I’m back for good so get used to it.  xxooxoxo

Spinach, tomato, avocado, carrot, cucumber, veggie burger salad made by yours truly.

Spicy tuna roll and avocado seaweed wraps.  Basho sushi bar Boston.

Street grilled corn with a chili lime aioli sauce.  Lone star taco bar.

Avocado dream bagel created at Bagel rising in Boston.

Bajo fish tacos, devoured with my boyfriend on cinco de mayo.  I ate this at Lone Star Taco Bar in Boston.

Pasta with Salmon.  I ate this in Paris.

After a few months hiatus…

I am back.  I’ll make this short and sweet.  Studying abroad changed my life.  Living in Italy has made me view the world differently, more beautifully and at a slower pace.  I’ve also gained an even greater love for food which is going to be mostly what I tumble from now on I’m guessing.



Coffee with Maddie. Atlanta, GA

(via onceuponawildflower)